Summer of Zombie 2014: Claire C. Riley

I am super excited to be participating in the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour this year. I got into zombie novels a couple of years ago and love discovering new authors in the genre. Here’s a good one that I will definitely be checking out. Welcome, Claire!

Claire C Riley profile photoSurvival, Zombies, and Crazy Characters

by Claire C. Riley

So Armand said I had to write something, a blog post about zombies, and me, and about why he’s my favourite author—I don’t know where he got that info from (I jest Armand, you know I love you), oh, and it had to be interesting. Well hell, I hate writing this sort of thing. Give me some questions to answer and I’ll be done in two minutes, but actually let me loose to write a blog post and talk randomly?

Hold on, this could get messy. Or not. Well, only if Frank Edler gets involved.

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