About Jaime

So, I’m blogging now! I am not sure yet what this blog will entail, but I will be sharing my love for reading, Stephen King, and whatever my current obsession happens to be. I will also be reviewing books! And I’ll occasionally share what it’s like living with a writer.

A little bit about me-I am married to a writer so my life is surrounded by books and reading. I also have several friends who are authors and I enjoy beta reading their novels. This is good because reading is my number one obsession. I also do editing and social media for a small press. Besides reading, I like to watch movies, obsess over TV shows on Netflix, plan my dream home on Pinterest, spend time with my family, and drink coffee. Oh, that’s another obsession. Coffee.

A life long goal of mine is to read all of Stephen King’s novels in order of publication. I will use this blog to share that experience. If it ever happens.

For now, this is just for fun. I hope you enjoy my obsessions as much as I do.


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