Catching Up With Me

My life has been crazy and peaceful at the same time in recent months. My husband and I moved in August. Moving is one of my least favorite things ever, add August heat to that and an extreme downsize in living space and you have a pretty miserable experience. Once we were out of the house, everything calmed down. But that move was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

You see, I’m not a planner and I’m not very organized. Oh, and I excel at procrastination. So, even though we had a month to pack and plan and move and store, we didn’t. We did it all in a week. And that last day was bad. We had some help, but it ended up being a lot more work than we anticipated. It was the downsizing, you see. We had so much stuff in our house. And that’s the only word for it, stuff. And junk. Old magazines and birthday cards. Check registers from the ’90s. Collections of things I used to collect that now reside in boxes. Untouched. How has all this stuff followed us over our sixteen years together? From apartment to duplex to house. Some things were still in boxes from when we moved in to the house! We were only about two piles of crap away from becoming hoarders.Woods

It was time for a purge. And we purged. Oh, man, did we purge. We did get a storage unit for antiques and sentimental items. But we ended up parting ways with about 75% of our possessions. And it was liberating. I felt this powerful relief when it was all said and done. We either sold, stored, donated, or trashed everything. The new living arrangement is too small to allow for much, so very little actually came with us.

After the move, we took about three weeks off from life. We read, we went to the lake, we spent more time with our sweet dog, we went swimming and hiking, and we rested. We regrouped. Sometimes the human soul needs that. Needs a step away from the craziness that is reality. My brain needed fresh air.

And now it’s fall. My favorite time of the year. It’s finally getting cooler, the leaves are falling, and they’re selling turkeys at the grocery store. Oh, and pumpkin spice latte is here. Yup, fall is good.

Jaime & Vincent Buttercup


Stay tuned for some bookish updates. I have read a lot of good stuff lately!

Drink read be happy


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