Wrapped in Black: ThirteenTales of Witches and the Occult

Read in November, 2014

Wrapped in Black coverI am a big fan of Sekhmet Press and their WRAPPED Series. Wrapped in Black is the third anthology in the series and the focus this time is witches and the occult. I will admit, witches aren’t my favorite characters to read about. I rarely find myself drawn to a book because it’s about witches, like I am with books about vampires or time travel. But Sekhmet has yet to disappoint me with their anthologies, so I was very happy to read this one!

Once again, editor Jennifer Greene has put together a very talented group of authors and a very diverse collection. Though the focus is witches, you find all brands of witchcraft residing in the pages. There’s voodoo and curses and rituals and Cults and all around horror in this book. I once again discovered some new authors and happily read some of my favorites.

The story that stood out for me was from an author I have never read, Gordon White. He has the first story featured “Hair Shirt Drag.” Odd title, but a riveting story. Gordon’s characters come to life very quickly and are not easily forgotten. To be able to really get to know the character of Jesse in so few words shows Gordon’s talent as a writer. Enthralling.

Another one of my favorites was “Beautiful, Broken Things” by Rose Blackthorn. The tone of this story is just eerie. And the setting is some kind of dystopian future that is all gray and cracked around the edges. I don’t know how to explain how this story made me feel. But it did. And that counts.

Add in two of my favorite authors, Allison M. Dickson and Patrick C. Greene, and you have a group of authors with immense talent. Of course, some stories were better than others. But that is to be expected in an anthology. But I wouldn’t say any of the stories are bad. All are worth your time.Black Cat

So, if you are looking to be entertained and a little creeped out, pick up Wrapped in Black. While you’re there, go ahead and get Wrapped in Red and Wrapped in White.

 Happy Reading!

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