Summer of Zombie 2014: Claire C. Riley

I am super excited to be participating in the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour this year. I got into zombie novels a couple of years ago and love discovering new authors in the genre. Here’s a good one that I will definitely be checking out. Welcome, Claire!

Claire C Riley profile photoSurvival, Zombies, and Crazy Characters

by Claire C. Riley

So Armand said I had to write something, a blog post about zombies, and me, and about why he’s my favourite author—I don’t know where he got that info from (I jest Armand, you know I love you), oh, and it had to be interesting. Well hell, I hate writing this sort of thing. Give me some questions to answer and I’ll be done in two minutes, but actually let me loose to write a blog post and talk randomly?

Hold on, this could get messy. Or not. Well, only if Frank Edler gets involved.

So yeah, I’m a chick that writes about zombies, dead things, rotten things. I write about blood and gore, putrid, fetid, decaying corpses that come back to life and eat people. And why do I write this you might ask—or you might not. The simple answer is I don’t really know.

I guess I got tired of reading about the same thing in zombie books so much so that I wanted to create something and someone different. I didn’t like the direction that zombie books were taking—leaning more towards ghouls or crazy fast zombies, instead of the typical shambling monsters that I grew up on. I still remember watching George Romero films and being scared crapless by the zombies in them because they were dead people walking around trying to eat you! Not because they were clever, or fast etc.

I also like writing realistic characters, and that’s how Nina – my protagonist, was spawned. She has no skills, she can’t fight or make bombs, she couldn’t catch a rabbit to eat or survive in the wild on her own. But she’s far from useless and weak. She’s fuelled by her desire to live, by her rage and grief. She’s untrusting of others and can be a real bitch, not the softly softly female characters that you normally read about. However, underneath it all, she cares so much for people that she’d do anything to protect them.

I didn’t want an instinctively likeable character, because, well, people aren’t like that in real life. We’re mean and bitchy, and let’s face it, we can all be assholes at times. And that’s who Nina is. She’s you. She’s your inner voice, she says the things that you normally keep inside—unless you’re Frank Edlar who just says whatever crazy shit comes to mind, she’s not all lovey dovey, but she does care. And that I think is the foundation for any person – real or not. It’s whether they care or not.OdiumII official cover

What I want to do, is to make people think about what they would do in an apocalypse, and try to put them in Nina’s big black Doc Martin boots, and when they get there, hopefully they’ll see that she’s not really a total bitch, she’s just protecting herself and the people she cares about.

Survival is a funny thing, and the will to survive does even funnier things to people. Some people prepare with training and learning skills for years, others latch on to someone else for support, and then you get the real survivors, the ones that will do truly anything to survive (in an apocalypse, they’re the ones to run from!).

In-between these groups of people, you have the other ones—who like Nina, who want to live so badly, that you better come at them all guns blazing, because if nothing else out of stubbornness they won’t let you kill them.

That’s where I fit, but what about you? What kind of survivor would you be? Questions on a postcard, or at the end of this blog please.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

Claire’s latest novel ODIUM II: THE DEAD SAGA is available on Amazon.

You can visit Claire’s Amazon Author page here.

Visit Claire on her website, Facebook, and Twitter!

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 33 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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2 thoughts on “Summer of Zombie 2014: Claire C. Riley

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  2. Claire Riley’s Odium series is top notch! Characters, plot…Everything meshes!! Nina is a part of every woman out there..And some men! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Great from beginning to~ need more asap!

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