My Favorite: Stephen King

My Love of the King

My love for the writing of Mr. King is no secret. If you know me, you know my feelings for the Master of Horror. I have not read every single piece of his work, there are odd short stories out there that I will never have the joy of reading. Of his main list of published novels and collections, numbering 64 as of this writing, seven remain unread, and The Shining sits forlornly half-read. I’ll get to them all eventually, I hope. One of the joys of discovering King was the amount of titles. And his wonderful habit of releasing one book a year (lately two a year). I feel there will always be an unread Stephen King novel waiting for me.


Let me tell you about the mad love affair I have with Stephen King. It started in 1997, I was 19 and rekindling my passion for reading. High school had dampened the love, but when I discovered King…whoa. It was intense. Green Mile was first, then Dolores Claiborne. From there it’s a blur. I only know I plowed through the majority of his catalogue within a couple of years. Even reading IT twice in six months. That story amazed me, the sheer talent of writing and storytelling. To this day IT remains my favorite and I have now read it four times. It simply awes me. The Dark Tower series is a whole other obsession. I’ll get to that later.

My point of this is I’m feeling very Kingish right now. He has a new release coming, and I am rereading The Talisman for the first time (a book never truly stays with me until I’ve read it twice). I spoke with Allison M. Dickson (dear friend and brains behind The Doctor Who Project) and she feels it too. There is something brewing and I am very excited. Stay tuned for more details!


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