Book Review: Haunted


Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
Read in 2010

This is the fifth Palahniuk book I’ve read. I enjoyed it. It was entertaining, while grusome and disturbing at the same time. I think you either love Palahniuk or you hate him. What I don’t understand is people who don’t like him yet continue to read and bash his books. If you don’t like an author, DON’T read his books. I don’t read James Patterson despite his popularity. Not for me, so I won’t continue reading his books and bashing him in reviews.

I like Palahniuk’s writing style; he’s all over the place, like he has a lot of energy and needs to write everything down right now. It makes his books read quickly. The shorts in this book ranged from greatness (Nightmare Box, Guts) to blah (they were so blah I can’t remember them). A note about Guts: I don’t understand how a story can make someone faint. Supposedly this story has made 73 people faint at book readings. I don’t get that…vomit I could understand, but faint? Really? Those people need to stick to some lighter reading…

All in all, a good read – there were a few plot holes, which I won’t mention here because they did not affect my feelings towards the book. I will continue to read Chuck, and look forward to the next stomach-churning moment in literature.


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