Books, Babes, and the Business

Celebrating Women in Fiction

My wonderful friend and colleague, Jennifer L. Greene from Sekhmet Press, has put together an incredible event for the month of February. Books, Babes, and the Business brings together talented women from all areas of the literature world. Over the next month you will meet writers, readers, editors, publishers, and artists. I am honored to be a guest on the 20th!

The event kicked off yesterday with a guest blog from Allison M. Dickson, author of a plethora of short stories, the pulpy Colt Coltrane and the Lotus Killer, and her new horror novel STRINGS. You can read her post, Write Like a Girl, here.

Literary babes

Literary babes

From Sekhmet Press:

“We will be celebrating women in fiction the entire month of February.

We will host a guest blogger each day, then on February 28th from 1-3pm EST you can join us on Facebook for a big pary! We’ll have virtual refreshments, hilarious games, and REAL PRIZES! Don’t miss it! Invite your friends!”

Read the full line up HERE!


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