The Doctor Who Project: COMING SOON

Rating Doctor Who

Now this is a fun project I am participating in. Doctor Who has brought much joy to my life the past few years and with the coming of the 12th Doctor, my friends and I have decided a definitive ranking is in order. So I am teaming up with fellow Whovians Allison M. Dickson and Justin Wasson for a BIG project. You can read all about it HERE.

I want to thank my Dad for bringing the Doctor into my life. Be sure and check back here on January 31st to see our top ten favorites. Then week to week we will be rating each episode. Hope you will join us!



From Allison M. Dickson:

Now, three people trying to rate a show can get a little challenging. You have probably seen those giant lists around the internet, where people rank all 100+ episodesĀ from worst to best. Instead of that, we thought we’d take a different approach and go season by season, give our own personal ranking on each episode on a scale of 1-10 “Sonics.” There will be one season ranked per week, giving people plenty of time for reading and discussion.

We figure that with a discussion format, you would be able to enjoy some similarities and contrasts in our tastes (for instance, I believe one of the episodes on Justin’s Top 10 will be one of my least favorites). We also hope it will make those of you out there who love the show as much as we do speak up and give us your take.


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