Book Review: Wrapped in Red

WRAPPED IN RED: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror


Thirteen crimson concoctions sure to tempt your teeth, from the ancient to the modern, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean to the Wild West, you are sure to find your… type – Wrapped In Red.

13 Authors.
13 Stories.
Unlimited Vampire Nightmares.


I have always been a fan of vampire stories. The Vampire Lestat is one of my favorite books ever. And I know you will judge me, but I devoured the Twilight series in two weeks. Doesn’t mean I liked it, but I read it. So I was super excited when the publisher offered me an advanced copy of this anthology. Vampire short stories? Yes, please!

Though no story was terrible, some were better than others, as with any collection of short stories. There were three that stood out for me. “Nightbound” by Patrick C. Greene was excellent. He has an amazing talent at developing characters with few words. I also loved “Ye Who Enter Here, Be Damned” by Billie Sue Mosiman. It was unique with a Southern style to it that I loved. Another one that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go was “Vermilion” by Bryan W. Alaspa. Bryan is a new author to me, I have never read his work and this was a great introduction. He sets the perfect sinister scene.

Such an awesome cover, too!

Such an awesome cover, too!

This was a wonderfully put together anthology. There are some familiar authors in there, and some who this was the first thing I have read by them. Overall, the stories are terrific. There are all types of vampires in here, from the traditional blood-sucking fiends to fun, outgoing hot chicks. The stories flowed perfectly from one to the next and I really couldn’t put the book down. This book is highly recommended to any fan of vampire fiction.

Thanks again to Sekhmet Press, not only for the ARC but for the entertainment.

Wrapped in Red is now available in print and eBook versions on Amazon!


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