Another Adventure

Headed off on another adventure.

Headed off on another adventure.


Book Review: WICKED BREW

Wicked Brew: 9 Tales of Misdeeds and Regret


Wicked BrewWicked Brew is the first volume of collected short stories by Allison M. Dickson, author of the terrifying thriller novel STRINGS. It features many of the favorites thousands of readers have come to know and love. From lying politicians getting their due to a friendly game of cards gone horribly wrong, there is something here to satisfy nearly every reader in search of a cautionary tale with a haunting twist.

For reference, Wicked Brew contains the following stories:

A Debacle of Donuts
Taste: Part I of the Consumption Trilogy
George’s Tonic
Liar’s Tongue
A Concealed Hand
Singularity: A Binary Love Letter
Under the Scotch Broom

This collection also contains all new author notes for each story!

My Review

Finally, an AMD collection!

I have been following Allison M. Dickson’s career for almost two years now. At this point, I have read everything she has released. Most of the stories I purchased on day of release. When I found out she was FINALLY compiling all of her stories in two collections, I was ecstatic. As a reader, I want everyone to read Allison’s work.

Here are my thoughts on the stories in WICKED BREW.

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Book Review: Wrapped in Red

WRAPPED IN RED: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror


Thirteen crimson concoctions sure to tempt your teeth, from the ancient to the modern, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean to the Wild West, you are sure to find your… type – Wrapped In Red.

13 Authors.
13 Stories.
Unlimited Vampire Nightmares.


I have always been a fan of vampire stories. The Vampire Lestat is one of my favorite books ever. And I know you will judge me, but I devoured the Twilight series in two weeks. Doesn’t mean I liked it, but I read it. So I was super excited when the publisher offered me an advanced copy of this anthology. Vampire short stories? Yes, please!

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